Was your baby shower canceled because of social distancing? Not anymore.

baby shower Apr 08, 2020

Getting together with friends and family before your baby arrives is such an exciting time. All the little details that as expectant parents you might have helped with, or maybe your loved ones were surprising you and you didn’t know much.  Either way, if you’re like a lot of the families I’ve spoken with recently, you’re mourning a baby shower that won’t be happening.  

Let’s take a step back and get this out of the way.  Clearly we know that the issues going on in the world are bigger than diaper cakes and baby bingo.  Hundreds of thousands of people are infected with this virus and millions of people are putting their lives at risk to fight on the frontlines. For those of us who aren’t considered essential workers, we’re doing our best to hunker down in our homes and sit tight while the storm passes. 

But if you’re an expectant parent and your baby shower was canceled,  I’m giving you permission to mourn. Have your day, be bummed, cry if you need to and then get back up and let’s put a fun spin on this and make it happen! It will look different, it will feel different, but it can happen! 

So, let’s be honest, the real question is. . . how can you still get all your gifts if you’re not having a baby shower? Well, I think there are a couple of options, keep reading and I'll explain.  And, because I’m convinced that Dr. Seuss was a long lost relative of mine, I’ve included a little rhyming ballad for each scenario. Just in case you’re trying to figure out how to word this to your “guests”. 

Option #1 - “Showering the parents-to-be with love” 

The main idea. . . We can't have a baby shower but let’s send the expectant parents gifts as they prepare to welcome their baby! Plan to call each person when their gift arrives and unwrap it while they’re on the phone or facetime.

(Be sure to include the address where guests can send gifts).

With all that’s going on we’re so sad to see, 

We won’t get to celebrate with the parents-to-be.

But let’s shower them with love and send gifts their way, 

To help to them prepare for this special day.

When your gift arrives they will give you a call, 

So they can share this special time with you all!


Option #2 - A Virtual Shower

The main idea. . . No in-person shower but let’s all hang out virtually and spend some time with the parents-to-be!  New parents can open gifts, give a tour of the baby’s room and even play games! 

(Be sure to include the address of where to send gifts as well as the day, time and login instructions for the virtual shower)

Our plans have changed and the baby shower has to,

But the new parents still want to spend time with you. 

So set aside time on the shower day, 

To spend time with them in another way.

In won’t be in person but we’ll connect through zoom,

So we can all be together, like we’re in the same room.

So let’s shower them with love and send gifts their way, 

To help to them prepare for this special day!


Option #3 - Meet the Baby Party later

The main idea. . . Instead of a shower you're planning to host meet the baby party in the future.  In the meantime ask guests to send their gifts to the expectant parents.

(Be sure to include the address where guests can send gifts).

We will miss the shower, the food and the fun, 

But we will still celebrate this new little one! 

The shower can't happen but we're happy to say, 

That we'll plan a big party on a new day!

We'll plan a Meet The Baby party in a month or two, 

So be on the lookout, we'll send an invitation to you.

For now let's send love and send gifts their way, 

To help them prepare for their special day!