Reviewing The Snoo

#babygear #bassinet #newbornsleep #snoo Apr 26, 2021

What is the Snoo and how is it different than other bassinets?

Your baby is going to spend a some time in the bassinet, but it's not something that you need to spend a ton of money on, but with that being said, do I like the Snoo? I do.

How is the Snoo different? When you put your baby into the Snoo, you're going to secure them into the swaddle. You're going to push a button on the side of the Snoo, which then starts the Snoo moving and the sound of white noise. 

If during the time that your baby is in the Snoo he starts to get restless, the Snoo knows that's happening and the movement starts to get a little bit faster and the noise starts to get a little bit louder. This is crazy technology, right? That partially explains the price tag.

Will baby become dependent on the movement when he's sleeping?

 No, I do not believe that it will. Here's what makes sense about the Snoo. When you secure the baby into the Snoo it's pretty snug in there, which makes sense because it's tight quarters in the belly. Your baby is used to being confined. In the belly, there's always movement because the baby's living in fluid and you're walking around. So that movement also makes sense. White noise is also comforting to a newborn because it's not a quiet place in the belly.

So those things are all of the reasons why your baby will likely like the Snoo, but then there's the concern of, "is my baby never going to get used to laying in his crib without movement?" The Snoo really sets you up to wean off at a certain point. There's going to come a time where your baby is in the Snoo and he's still swaddled, but that movement isn't happening. And you're going to slowly transition out of the Snoo and graduate to the crib.

How early can you begin using it?

You can begin using the Snoo when you get home from the hospital as long as your pediatrician agrees with that.

Final Thoughts 

I've already told you that I think the Snoo is a good idea, but here's what's funny: I had  always been asked about the Snoo years ago. Originally I said that I don't think it's worth the money because your baby's only in a bassinet for a few months. I'm a postpartum doula and I work in the home of new families.  I then worked with my first family who had the Snoo and the light shone down and I became a believer pretty quickly. It's pretty amazing! There's also an app where you can look back and see when your baby woke and was soothed by the Snoo back to sleep which new parents seem to really like.

My final thoughts? Don't break the budget for this, but if it's something that you can swing or your mother-in-law or your parents want to gift this to you then yes, it's totally something you want. Another option is to rent it through their rental program on a month by month basis. At the time of this blog post, they do have a 30 day free trial going on as well. 

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