How To Clean Breast Pump Parts

#breastfeeding #pumping #newborn Jan 29, 2021

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You've pumped - great job, mama! Now, how do you clean these pump parts? And do you have to clean them every time you pump? That's what we're going to talk about today.

If your plan is to pump again in the same day, what you can do is take the pump parts off of the bottles, drop them into a gallon size resealable bag, seal it, and then you can put them into the refrigerator. Next time, when you go to pump, you're just going to take them out, hook them up and go ahead and pump.

When it comes time to actually give your pump parts a good cleaning what you're going to do is completely take the parts apart so you've removed it from the tubing. The tubing does not need to be washed at all. The piece at the back comes off and it is then three separate pieces. You will now have another piece that breaks down into two pieces. So all in all, you have five pieces, Drop them into a basin filled with warm, soapy water. 

Next you want to take a bottle brush and really scrub in each part to remove any milky residue, rinse and put them on a drying rack to dry. Once the pieces and clean and dry you can reassemble and use. Congratulations you've just successfully cleaned your pump parts!

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