Let's break down the first week at home with a newborn

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7 Things New Parents Learn The First Week Home With Their Baby!  

With Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counselor Valerie Trumbower


What New Parents Wish They Knew Before They Brought Their Baby Home

In less then 60 minutes I'll give you a clear picture of what that first week will be like and strategies to make it run more smoothly!

How to Know if Your Baby is Eating Enough

It can be difficult to know if your baby is getting enough to eat. I will tell you exactly what you need to watch for so there's no need to worry.

What Breastfeeding Mamas Need to Know

When will your milk come in? What happens before it does? We'll talk about that too! 

Is It Possible To Spoil a Newborn?

This is a question I'm often asked so we'll definitely talk about that!

Included in this free workshop:

10 Things You Left Off Your Registry List
These are the items my doula clients often don’t have but can’t live without!