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I need the Bump to Baby Roadmap!

"I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!"

 It has helped me tremendously especially with breastfeeding, an area that I was totally unfamiliar with. I cannot thank you enough for how amazing you are and how much my husband and I learned from you. I would absolutely recommend your class to anyone.

Deanna & Brian

Nobody talks about the whirlwind that happens after you pee on the stick!

You've waited for this moment for so long

It feels like there is so much to DO. . . and to LEARN. . . and to BUY

You are searching Pinterest with every keyword you can think of. . .

You're ordering every baby book you can find. . .

Downloading every checklist you think might be helpful. . .

and calling all your girlfriends to find out what gear you need.

And at the end of the day you're left with conflicting information, more baby products than you can fit in your house and a list of to-do’s that you’re not sure how to prioritize

 I get it, you don't know what you don't know.

The good news is . . .I can help!

As you start to think about baby gear, breastfeeding, nursery design and taking a birth class it can all start to feel a bit overwhelming.

But what if you had a ROADMAP?

What if you knew, each week of your pregnancy, which area of baby prep to concentrate on?

And. . . you had the resources and trainings to help you understand how to make the decisions that are best for your new little family!

You wouldn’t spend hours searching Pinterest trying to find current, reliable information.

You would sit down with your partner and spend time getting ready for your new tiny human!


3 Things You Need To Understand To Give Your Baby Comfort,
Care and Security During Those First Months Of Life


Whether you’re a minimalist or you want All.The.Things. you’ve got some baby gear choices to make! You’ll want to think through your situation, taking budget and space into consideration. Then you’ll need a list, and of course you need to understand what the heck all the things on that list are for, and how to choose what will work best for your family!

Baby Care

Adopting a dog comes with more instructions than bringing your baby home. You’ll need to understand how to feed your baby, whether you’re planning to breastfeed, formula feed or a combo of both. You’ll also want to know how to care for and soothe this adorable little person. But you don’t need all that information all at once. Learn little-by-little, throughout your pregnancy, so that when the baby arrives you’re not terrified when they tell you that you’re being discharged from the hospital!


Years ago a new mom would have had the support of her whole community... teaching and guiding her as she adjusts to motherhood. As a doula, I have seen the difference it makes to have support and guidance as a family prepares to meet their baby. I don't want you to struggle, I don't want you to be searching the internet in the middle of the night for current, reliable information. So, I've brought the experts to you!

"There's no where else you can find all this information in one place"

- Lauren & Patrick

"It was a nerve calmer for me!"

- Ben

"The soothing techniques were so important and we used them a lot!"

- Emily & Joe

Hi, I’m Valerie!

I'm a Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor and mom of 3 (including identical twins). . .

Over the past 8 years I’ve had the amazing privilege of helping hundreds of parents adjust to their new family so that they can approach the newborn stage with as much calm confidence as possible. And, so that they know what the heck to do with their squirmy little newborns!

I understand the road to becoming a parent, and those first few months, are the craziest mix of excitement and overwhelm and that having support during that time makes all the difference!

It really does take a village (even if it’s a socially distant village) and there are many ways to get the support you need.

I've developed this roadmap for expectant parents because I want your pregnancy, and the newborn stage, to be a time of joy and fun not overwhelm and chaos.


The Bump-to-Baby Roadmap is a week-by-week expecting guide for expectant parents who understand that by preparing NOW for baby's arrival life with a newborn
will go more smoothly.


"We felt lost until we found your program!"

Although my husband and I were ecstatic to become first-time parents, we also felt clueless and nervous about caring for a newborn. I spent hours sifting through Pinterest boards trying to find information to help prepare. This was time consuming and I found it difficult to find trustworthy resources. You helped us to feel prepared to navigate this new adventure together and made us more excited to meet our baby girl!


The Bump-to-Baby Roadmap Includes:

TIMELINE: So you don't forget anything!

I have everything broken down week-by-week so that you can enjoy each stage of your pregnancy (and life with your newborn) without frantically feeling like you’re forgetting something!

The Roadmap officially begins week 15/16 of your pregnancy but you can enroll up until baby arrives!  In the event that you are later in your pregnancy I've created a Roadmap Shortcut so that you can prioritize time sensitive considerations, like a birth doula or birth photographer, before moving on to other stops on the Roadmap! 

Some things that you’ll be reminded of, in case it’s something you want to consider:

  • When should you hire a newborn photographer? (Hint: It might be earlier than you think!)
  • How to find your pediatrician and the questions to ask them?
  • If you want to learn more about cord blood banking or delayed cord clamping when should you think about that?
  • What type of support will you want after the baby arrives and how do you go about getting that in place?

EXPERT TRAININGS: All in one place!

No need to sit in a group class or peruse the internet for what you need to know. The Bump-to-Baby Roadmap includes training with me and other industry experts you probably already follow on Instagram! 

Here are some of the trainings you’ll find inside the program:

  • Baby Gear: What You Need & What You Don’t!
  • Your Virtual Breastfeeding Class
  • Understanding Newborn Sleep
  • Infant CPR, First Aid & Choking
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Understanding Newborn Care
  • Soothing Your Baby (so the cry doesn’t scare you) 

As well as these how-to videos (with a real baby):

⇒ Giving a sponge bath

⇒ Bath in the baby tub

⇒ Changing a diaper

⇒ Burping a baby

⇒ Swaddling

⇒ How to dress your baby

            . . . and more!


Whether you are trying to find a Postpartum Doula in your area, a birth class that aligns with your plan or an exercise program that is safe during pregnancy you’ll find all the info you need inside the program!

The Bump-to-Baby Roadmap also includes these helpful printables (with hyperlinks to make your life easier):

✔️ The Baby Gear Must Have’s & Maybes List

✔️ Grandparents Gear List

✔️ 30 Day Musts-Have List

✔️ Hospital Bag Checklist

✔️  Pediatrician Q&A


You’ll also find discounts and bonuses just for being a Bump-to-Baby member!

Bonus #1:
Postpartum Care: What Your Girlfriends Are Not Telling You

As your body recovers from growing and delivering your baby a lot of changes happen. Changes that for some reason, no one is talking about! I sat down with new mom Kristen Donegan (from @easyteachingtools) and she and I shared what we wish someone would have told us about life after baby! From feelings and pain to night sweats and your new favorite part of your bathroom routine, we cover it all!


Bonus #2:
Breast Pumps 101: Choosing (and Using) a Breast Pump

 When your baby is not latched it is your pump that will let your body know to produce milk. . .
let's make sure that message is loud & clear!

If you are using a pump that is not right for you
(or using it incorrectly) your body will not get the message to make milk and your supply can decrease.

But don't get overwhelmed, I've put all the info you need all in one place!


Current & Reliable Resources



I want to be sure you're happy!

The Bump-to-Baby Roadmap is a comprehensive course that covers a ton of information. As far as I know, there isn't anything like it!

I think you're going to love the convenience of being able to watch from the comfort of your home whenever you want to. And, being able to re-watch as you encounter different situations will be reassuring. 

Questions Some Parents-To-Be Have Asked Before Joining. . .


Current & Reliable Resources