Provide the care and comfort your baby will need to feel safe, secure and loved! 

BEFORE you are matched (⬅️ this part is important!)


"It is the most helpful resource we've had as we prepare to adopt"


It's like you were just talking to us and explaining things in the most basic way and that helped so much because as first-time parents these are the things we've never done before.        

 John & Beth

Good news if your home study or adoption agency requires a certificate of completion!


You get a certificate of completion for  6 HOURS!




The road to adopting a newborn is a long and challenging one for most waiting parents.

When a baby grows in your belly, you have 9 full months to plan and prepare. 

But as a waiting adoptive parent, you've likely spent what feels like forever...

...filling out paperwork 

...driving all over to get fingerprinted...and then to the notary

...and to agency meetings

...not to mention obsessively scrubbing your baseboards for every home study visit–only to stare at your phone for months wondering when you’ll get the call.

But once you’re matched, it’s game on.

And when that call comes there are sooooo many logistics to figure out in such a short time. 


What do we need to pack? 

How long will we be in a hotel? 

Who’s going to board the dog? 

Will the expectant mother want to meet us? 

Have we called the grandparents yet?

Is our house clean enough for a newborn?

How do we even install a car seat?

Do we have enough diapers?!

Not to mention stressing about how to actually provide your newborn with the care and comfort they need to feel safe, secure, and loved.

You spend so much time working to become a parent, you shouldn’t have to spend time stressing about how to be a parent.

And when you have so many other boxes to check just to bring your baby home...the last thing you want is to frantically binge YouTube videos on 2X to try to figure out what you don’t know as you drive to the hospital or the airport.

But even though you're drowning in adoption paperwork...not one of them is the instruction manual for your newborn baby.

That’s what Pinterest is for, right??

Except just one search leaves you wading through lengthy lists of expensive baby gear, sponsored content, conflicting advice, and miles of mommy blogs that have no idea what it means to adopt a newborn.

The truth is:

If you don’t have adoption specific information that prepares you before the baby arrives you’re going to be piecing together information and struggling in those first weeks and months.

"This course is priceless."

I am extremely thankful for Valerie & New Parents Academy! I am a first-time Mama through adoption and joined this course hoping to learn about a thing or two and I learned so much more. This course is priceless. Valerie has a wealth of knowledge and directly supports each client's questions and concerns. I am so thankful I signed up and refer to the course often as a new Mama!


But, what if you were able to focus on everything you need to do to become a parent and still have:

The essential baby gear unpacked, set up, and ready to go on day 1 (and the non-essentials put away for when you need them in a few weeks)
Your pediatrician on speed dial for that first visit
Your friends and family prepped with instructions for support (so you don’t have to worry about your next meal)
Your hotel bag packed and ready to go, even if you don’t know where you’re going and for how long
Knowledge about what diapers, nipple size (yup, that’s a thing), formula (even if you’re inducing or doing donor milk), swaddles, and first aid you need for the first few months…
A plan for baby’s first week

Confident that when that call comes, all you will have to worry about is getting to your baby. 


When you’re adopting a newborn there are 3 things you need to know to give your baby the comfort, care, and security they need during those crucial first months of life.


You need simple, research-based techniques to lay the foundation for a lifelong bond so that from the moment you meet, your baby feels safe, loved, and cared for.

Baby Care:

From soothing your (inevitably) crying baby, changing a diaper after circumcision, to baby’s first bath and infant first aid…you need the resources to confidently care for your baby without the midnight meltdowns and panicked pediatrician calls.

Baby Gear:

All. The. Baby. Gear. You do need a few extra things around the house to properly give your newborn the care they need...but it’s not nearly as much as the internet is trying to convince you. You need a list, curated for adopting parents, so that regardless of your location, timeline, or circumstance, you have the essential items you need for the road ahead (and not just the expensive stroller showing up in your feed.)


Hi, I’m Valerie!

I'm a Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, and mom of 3 (including identical twins)...

I’ve spent 10 years showing hundreds of parents what the heck to do with their squirmy little newborns.

Whether you have a partner or you’re a single parent, raising a baby takes a village (even if it’s a socially distant village) and there are many ways to get the support you need.

Traditionally, there is not a lot of postpartum care for adoptive parents even though your need to care for your newborn is the exact same.

Often classes include information for biological parents that leaves you feeling othered, left out, and might bring up difficult emotions. 

And that’s why I took all of my experience serving families in the first few months of their child’s life and I created an adoption-specific newborn care class just for you!

When you first take a newborn class you can learn the information when you’re rested and calm, learn alongside your partner (if you’ll be parenting in a partnership), and begin to plan for your lives with a newborn. 

 But no matter how much you learn, it’s impossible to remember everything there is to do, know, or buy when you bring home your newborn.

What you really need is a resource you can return to again and again to answer your in-the-moment questions, prepare for next steps, or just to try and figure out why the heck your baby is crying this time. 

"I took your course over a year ago, it was helpful to be able to log back in and review after I was matched!"

- Courtney

"We learned so much from the course & have religiously used the checklists that you have!"

- Michael & Mark

"Thank you so much for helping us prepare to adopt!"

- Mary & Michael



Expecting 101: You’re Adopting! 

AN Adopting parent's STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE  To prepare for & Navigate life with a newborn


It's time for you to start getting ready for the most exciting role of your life.

Just like these clients have!

"Having a program that was created for adoptive parents that we could do in short sections either together or separately was perfect."

We had been waiting so long for our miracle and yet did not feel fully prepared. Having a program that was created for adoptive parents that we could do in short sections either together or separately was perfect. We were even able to pull up the sponge bathing video a second time when the time actually came to do it. So very helpful to take some pressure off and set us up for success. Then during those first few weeks Valerie was even there to be a sounding board and a voice of experience and support. Priceless. Thank you Valerie!

"You can't help but feel like you're sitting across from a friend."

The Expecting 101: You're Adopting course is so detailed and engaging. You can't help but feel like you're sitting across from a friend as Valerie explains what to expect and anticipate on this journey. She shares tips for every stage along the way.

The information this online class provides will make any parent-to-be feel prepared. We loved that she uses a very approachable, down-to-earth, and easy-going method that is relatable and genuine. It is totally worth the investment. Also, the customer service is outstanding.

"Your series has been the most beneficial."

We've learned a lot! Out of all of the adoption trainings we've done in the past, your series has been the most beneficial.

"The most useful thing about the course is the ability to watch and re-watch it as it becomes real to you."

The most useful thing about the course is the ability to watch and re-watch it as it becomes real to you. I watched them as I was waiting for birth mom in labor and it was helpful to figure out a swaddle and safely give him a bath. I also really enjoy the Facebook group for real time questions!

Let Me Show You What's Waiting For You Inside Expecting 101: You're Adopting!

Newborn Care & Soothing:

We kick things off with the baby basics. In this introductory chapter, you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

  • Feeding your newborn
  • Bathing your newborn & when to call the doctor
  • Why your baby might be crying?
  • And to make learning easy for both you and your partner, you’ll also get:
    - A newborn diaper change and diaper cream demonstration
    - Different swaddle options so you can buy the one that’s right for you and your baby
    - Demonstrations of both a sponge bath & a newborn bath

Bonding with Your Baby:

Your baby needs to connect with you in a deep and meaningful way. Adoptees have a more challenging start to life and whether you meet your baby the day they were born, after they leave the hospital, or in the NICU, with these techniques, you’ll be able to lay a foundation for the connection that will last a lifetime. 

We’ll go over:

  • Skin-to-skin time
  • Baby wearing
  • Communicating with your baby
  • How to safely bond with your baby while they’re sleeping
  • How to bond with your baby in the NICU

Infant CPR, First Aid and Choking

While I truly hope you never need any of these strategies, the safety lessons taught in this chapter could save your child’s life. In an emergency, there may not always be time to Google, so having an understanding of what you need to do to help your baby in the moment is essential.

You will learn:
- Infant CPR
- Infant First Aid
- Choking
- Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
* this is taught by a Red Cross Certified Trainer, but this training does not qualify as certification.

Newborn Sleep Chapter

You can’t sleep train a newborn, but there are things you can do to set all of you up for nighttime success. 
In this mini-workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why your baby is waking
  • Strategies to help your baby understand that night time is not hang out time!
  • Questions to the questions I'm most often asked about sleep.

Organizing Before Baby Arrives

As new parents, the first few months are the time when you and your baby first get to know each other. It’s exciting, challenging, exhausting, and beautiful...all at once. You’re learning what it means to become a parent, your baby is learning what it means to live outside of the womb, and you’re doing it all while you’re more exhausted than you’ve ever been. 

In this chapter, you’ll learn what you can do while you wait to make your first few months go as smoothly as possible.

Baby Gear: What you Need (and What you Definitely Don't)

When you’re adopting, deciding to register, or have a shower is a very personal choice. No matter how you decide to prepare for a baby, there are some things you need to consider before making that Amazon wish list.

And while your best friend has the list of “everything you need that was a life-saver for their kid,” and Pinterest is filled with long and expensive lists…The truth is, every baby is different.

We’ll go over: 

  • What items you'll need to bring when you go to meet the baby
  • What essentials you will need for the first month
  • Some things to consider before you register or shop for your baby
  • When, where, and what to register or shop for
  • What these products are and why you need them (or why you don't)

Members Only Facebook Group

You were never meant to do this alone! You’ll have a community where you can ask questions, get advice and vent without judgement as you prepare for the most exciting role of your life! 


4 Helpful Printables

Because sometimes you just need a grab ‘n go list, you’ll also receive:

  • Hotel Stay with a Newborn
    When you're getting ready to go meet your baby you want to have the essentials without overpacking.
  • Pediatrician Q&A
     Your pediatrician is an important part of your village. I feel strongly that you should choose your pediatrician before your baby arrives and meet with him/her to be sure they are a good fit for your family. This list covers what you'll want to ask (and how to find a pediatrician to interview).
  • 30 Day Must-Have List
    Many adoptive parents I have worked with don't want to buy ALL.THE.THINGS until after the baby is here and ICPC is complete. If that's you, you're going to love this list of the essentials you'll want to have for the first month!
  • Baby Gear Must-Haves & Maybes
    Registry lists can be overwhleming. My years of experience and obsession with baby gear have helped me to understand what new parents will be happy to have and what is a total waste of money and space. This list is full of all those must-haves and the maybes you will want to consider if you have the budget and space.

"That 30 day list is critical! Having someone else make that list and take some of that pain away from that process is really valuable."

- Mini & Ken

"Probably the biggest thing that we found helpful is the list of necessary baby items, it’s going to be a life saver!”

- Valerie & Bryce

"I loved that it was adoption centric so that we could get practical, helpful advice that was relevant and applicable to us without having to explain what does and does not apply to adoption situations. Valerie does a great job going through the basics of infant care step-by-step, never judging, always kind and patient.”

- Jessica

So How Much Is My Investment?

Expecting 101:You're Adopting may not be cheap.  It's not a $37 e-book or a $10 membership.

It's a small investment in yourself (and your partner, if you're adopting as a couple) that pays huge dividends in your family and your future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. By giving you tools to help you bond with your baby from day one. By giving you confidence in your new role as a parent. By letting you savor that sacred newborn time instead of furiously googling things like "how to bathe a newborn".

It's EXACTLY what I share with the in-home doula clients I work with for $6,000/month, but for a fraction of the cost for you. 

And when you weigh all that against the investment, and what it will do for you and your family, it's an easy choice.

And because I want this program to be accessible to all hopeful adoptive families the investment is just $197.

This means that for less than $200 you have 2 years of access to the community and the adoption specific information to prepare you for life with your baby!  




I want to be sure you're happy!

Expecting 101: You're Adopting is a comprehensive course that covers a ton of information. As far as I know, there isn't anything like it!

If for some reason you go through the course and are not satisfied, please send us an email within 14 days of purchase. 

I have some extra "goodies" for you

...think of it as a shower gift!

The information inside Expecting 101:You're Adopting will completely prepare you for your baby's arrival!  

But, over the years I've worked with hundreds of hopeful adoptive parents and they've opened up about some of their biggest concerns. I wanted to help but babies are my thing, not these other topics so, I've teamed up with industry experts to give you these amazing bonuses


There are circumstances related to adoption that make it more likely that a baby will spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

How do you navigate a NICU stay? Can you hold the baby in the NICU? Are you allowed to visit in the NICU?  The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. 

Of course I hope your baby doesn't spend any time in the NICU but if it happens I want you to be prepared!

So, I have teamed up with an expert to educate you on all things NICU! 



...and how to fix them! 

In my years of work preparing hopeful adoptive parents for life with their new babies I have heard the same thing over and over, people are just hoping and praying that they'll soon be matched. The waiting is so hard. 

I started to wonder if there was anything I could do to help. I thought about how important that first impression is that the expectant mother gets from the parents-to-be. That first impression is the profile and I wanted to help my students make their profiles the best they can be! 

But babies are my thing, not profiles, so I reached out to a friend!   


There is no denying the financial component of adoption. Over the years I had heard how people had 'saved' money when adopting but I didn't know the details. I wanted to find out more so that I could help YOU save money! I knew just who to contact to help me put this resource together.






Valerie's program is not like anything I've seen offered in the adoption world!

"She is helping people prepare for life with a newborn and speaks specifically to adopting families. Previously, adoptive-parents-to-be had to attend classes full of pregnant women where the topics weren't geared to their circumstances. Now they have a choice that has been created just for them. "

- Nicole Witt, The Adoption Consultancy 

The ongoing support piece after completing the course is what I like for the families we serve!

“Our families have had the option of using the New Parents Academy training for some time. It is a great opportunity for those without a lot of newborn experience to learn and get tips from the pros. You can never have too much support when you are a first time parent!”

- Amy Imber, Connecting Hearts Adoption Services

She thought of everything new adoptive parents need to know about newborn care, bonding with baby, moving through life after bringing baby home, and more.

“Adopting a baby can feel like a totally new thing, even for seasoned parents or families who have adopted before. Hopeful adoptive parents in our program have only great things to say about their investment in Valerie’s course, how it helped to prepare and educate themselves while they wait to adopt.

- Libby Denniston, Lifetime Adoptions

Our families love the checklist on what to bring to the hotel room with them when traveling for the birth and staying for the ICPC process.

“New Parents Academy has helped our families prepare for life with a newborn. Bonus is that it is catered to adopting families specifically, no more sitting in a room full of pregnant women. Our families can learn from the comforts of their own home.”

- Steffany Aye, Adoption-Beyond

Our families loved that they didn't have to feel awkward by attending a newborn care class.

“After attending the New Parents Academy online course, we have had waiting adoptive families share how confident they felt when bringing their baby home. They loved that they didn't have to feel awkward by attending a newborn care class at their local hospital with all pregnant families and also loved that they could go back and rewatch the webinars when they needed a refresher.

- Meredith Shepard, Heart of Adoptions

She is a walking handbook for new parents and the tips she provides are amazing!

“I wish I would have known about Valerie when I adopted my son. I recommend New Parents Academy to all of the families we work with and for anyone preparing to welcome a newborn into their life.”

- Rebecca Gruenspan, RG Adoption Consulting

Families consistently report finding the course highly valuable

“Hello Baby confidently recommends New Parents Academy to all of our adoptive parent clients. Families consistently report finding the course highly valuable as they navigate their new role as parents through adoption.

- Amy, Hello Baby Adoption Consultants

Our families have loved the content she provides and feel more prepared for the exciting moment when they become parents.

“It can be hard to for prospective adoptive parents to find expecting parent workshops that focus less on birthing and nursing and instead include more information on infant care and the first weeks home. An adoptive parent’s journey to parenthood is unique and Valerie’s on-demand infant care class is designed specifically with the needs of adoptive parents in mind.”

- Kristy Galbraith, Adoptions From The Heart

So now its time for you to make a choice...


I'm so glad that in this crazy online world we found each other and I'd love to help you prepare to welcome your baby.

But obviously the choice is yours.

I'm a pro's and con's list kind of girl so I'll lay it out straight for you.

You can choose to do nothing. You can take the information that I shared in the workshop and file it away until you get THAT call. You can wait until your baby is here or wait until you are matched to start preparing.

BUT, if you already know that you want to use the time while you're waiting to learn how to bond with your baby and keep your baby safe. If you want to dive into the world of baby gear and find out what you'll be glad to have (and what's a total waste of money) if you want to understand all the baby how-to's...then the choice is obvious.  Join me inside Expecting 101:You're Adopting. 

Simply click the button below and I will look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Group! 




Questions Other Adopting Parents
Have Asked Before Enrolling. . .

Questions Other Adopting Parents
Have Asked Before Enrolling