What Adoptive Parents Wish They Knew Before They Brought The Baby Home

In 60 minutes I'll give you a clear picture of what that first week will be like and strategies to make it run more smoothly. AND. . .  there's a Q&A where I'll answer any questions you have! 


How To Bond With The Baby From Day One

I understand the desire to bond with your baby and I will tell you one thing you can do starting on the very first day!

One Baby Item You DON'T Want To Bring When You Go To Meet The Baby 

As you start to pile up items that you'll need to take along when you get "that call" there is one baby item I think you shouldn't bring! I'll tell you what that is and why you should leave it off the list.   

Is It Possible To Spoil a Newborn?   

This is a question I'm often asked so we'll definitely talk about that!

Hi, I'm Valerie.

I teach adoptive and expecting parents what they need to know to feel confident and prepared when their baby arrives!
I'm a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula (PCD), a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and the mother of three, including a set of twins! 
From what gear these little people require to how to care for and feed them, I've totally got you covered on this new parent thing!



Newborns are tricky, I can help!

Whether you are overwhelmed as you try and figure out what BABY GEAR you actually need, have questions about BONDING or are struggling to figure out HOW TO CARE FOR & SOOTHE this little person, I can help! 

As a Postpartum Doula & Certified Lactation Counselor I've spent years in the homes of new families.

Join me to learn what I teach adoptive parents that will help you feel more prepared!